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Additional Discounts Today - 10% OFF Orders Over $75
Additional Discounts Today - 10% OFF Orders Over $75


KnobDepot will offer a coupon for 50% of the value of samples purchased.

Many times the color and finish can be different from one manufacturer to another even though the finish name may be identical. That is because different manufacturers use different techniques in achieving the products' finish. recommends that you order samples from each manufacturer if you want to mix finishes from different manufacturers. To be sure of consistency in finish, you should always order your hardware from one manufacturer.

Qualifying Samples Orders:

  • Single knobs or pulls priced less than $9.99 each. 
  • Maximum up to 3 samples per customer in one order.
  • Clearance products, cabinet pulls over 6 inches and all crystal knobs do not qualify as samples.
  • Samples are Non-returnable.

After you receive your samples order, send us a note here or by emailing us at with your order number and we will send you a coupon code that is worth 50% of the value of the sample items purchased within 48 hours.