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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - Spring Savings - 10% OFF Orders Over $100 and 15% OFF Orders Over $300.
Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - Spring Savings - 10% OFF Orders Over $100 and 15% OFF Orders Over $300.

Planning Ahead - When To Order Your Cabinet Hardware

A common mistake that many homeowners make is waiting too long before ordering their cabinet hardware. Be sure to order well in advance of the arrival of your cabinet installer. If your contactor arrives to install the cabinets and the hardware is not available on site for them to install, it will necessitate that you either pay them to come back when the hardware does arrive or you do it yourself - which we never recommend, unless you have the required expertise. Buying new cabinet doors, because you measured and drilled the holes incorrectly, can be very costly.

Orders placed with any online company will ship directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. Lead time to ship can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. KnobDepot's manufacturers normally will ship your order within 2-3 working days, on average, once the order is placed. You can select expedited delivery options as well (Next Day, 2nd Day, etc.). This all sounds great but there are developments that may arise and negatively impact the delivery of the hardware you need in a timely manner if you wait too long to order:

Oh No!  After the order is submitted, there are situations that may delay the delivery of your needed hardware:

- The manufacturer's warehouse may be temporarily out of stock on the item(s) you chose

- They may have accidentally omitted some pieces from your shipment when they fulfilled your order

- They may have shipped you the wrong pieces (wrong item number, wrong finish, etc.).

Lastly, the real heartbreaker happens when the shipment finally arrives at your front door, you open the box, and you decide you do not like the hardware you chose. Not to worry though - You can place a new order and return the pieces you received for a refund. But next time order one sample piece first, before placing the full order, if you are not 100% sure you will like the item when the full order arrives.

Also, be aware that since the COVID outbreak in 2020 the reliability of our nation's carriers (US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, etc.) have been negatively impacted. Shipments that normally took 2-3 days from the warehouse to your home may now take considerably longer.

Although all of these occurrences are rare, KnobDepot wants you to know that they can happen. To combat all of these potential problems, place your hardware order well in advance of the cabinet installer's arrival date. A lead time of 2-3 weeks minimum would be ideal in most cases.